Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to my new website!

Hey Ya'll,

Welcome to my new site. I'm sure thankful to my web-hosting company, they did a great job. This stuff is all very new to me. I kind of feel like I've been beamed in from the mid 1800's. My kid's are pretty sharp with this stuff so maybe they can show me ropes.

I am looking forward to re-connecting with you and am excited to hear how you like the new music. It is really wild to have been recording as long as I have and still have a chance to make a first impression. I will also try to keep you informed as to the goings on in our world although I will say I have a lot of empty journals lying around that my wife has given me for birthday and Christmas gifts. Not the best at journaling, or is it blogging these days. But who knows, Jesus raised the dead so I guess He can give me the desire to blog too. LOL.

I would ask for your patience as I get familiar with how to add content to my site. We'll grow it as we grow.

I pray God's richest blessings on you and look forward to walking with all of you through this next chapter of our (The Penrod's) life.

Blessings, MK10:45